海外配送Q&A  (Overseas Delivery Q & A)

Q1. 可配送地區
Available delivery areas

Q2. 出貨時間與配送
Shipping time and delivery

Q3. 付款方式?
Payment method?

Q4. 海外運費計算?
Overseas shipping cost calculation?

Q5. 所有商品都可以寄送至海外嗎?
Can all products be shipped to overseas?

Q6. 下單完成後,是否還能變更寄送位址?
Can I change the shipping address after I place an order?

Q7. 如何確認訂單及追蹤我的包裹?
How do I confirm my order and track my package?

Q8. 海外退貨說明
How do I return an item overseas?

Q9. 會員好康
Member's Benifit

Q10. 海外訂購流程
Overseas order process

Q1. 可配送地區 Available delivery areas

  • 目前海外服務區域為香港、澳門、新加坡、馬來西亞、印尼、菲律賓、越南、泰國、韓國、日本、加拿大、美國、英國 、澳大利亞等國家。(疫情期間,海外服務區域視各國出入口狀況而有所增減,敬請見諒。)
  • Overseas service areas: Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. (During the epidemic, the number of overseas service areas may increase or decrease depending on the import and export conditions of each country.)
  • 中港澳地區資料請填中文,其他地區請填英文。填寫訂單時請選擇正確區域、地址、收件人資料,若因資料錯誤造成誤寄,來回運費將由買家自行負擔。 
  • Please fill in Chinese for China, Hong Kong and Macau, and English for other regions. Please select the correct region, address, and recipient information when filling out the order form. If incorrect information causes misdelivery, the return shipping cost will be borne by the buyer. 
  • 填單時請選擇正確的區域,並填寫正確地址、收件人完整資料,若資料錯誤造成無法寄送,將由買家自行負擔。
  • Please select the correct area and fill in the correct address and complete information of the recipient when filling out the form.
  • 港澳地區目前受疫情影響順豐派送時效會增加1~2天,另僅慈雲山區,暫停上門派送服務,僅可安排順豐站自取或派送智能櫃自取。
  • In Hong Kong and Macau, S.F.'s delivery time will be increased by 1~2 days due to the epidemic, and the door-to-door delivery service will be suspended only for Ciyunshan area.
  • 受到當地防疫政策措施影響而臨時公告無法正常收派件或限制收件時,將改為安排順豐站自取或派送智能櫃自取。若因個人原因造成需要延遲取貨者,每公斤一港幣(澳門幣)*貨品重量*天數,為保管費用計算,保管費用會在貨到五天後未取,第六天開始計算。
  • If the local epidemic prevention policy affects the temporary announcement that the delivery cannot be received and delivered normally or is restricted, the delivery will be arranged for self-pickup by SF station or self-pickup by smart counter. In case of delayed pickup due to personal reasons, the storage fee will be calculated at 1 MOP per kilogram * weight of goods * number of days, and the storage fee will be calculated on the sixth day after the goods are not picked up after five days.

Q2. 出貨與配送時間

Delivery time for overseas orders is about 7-14 days, actual delivery time depends on the delivery status of the courier company.
In Hong Kong and Macau, orders not picked up within 7 days of arrival will be returned automatically and the actual return shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.

貨運與配送情形可能會因應節慶期間或不可抗力的狀況(: COVID-19 疫情和國家輸入政策)方式而有所不同。
If the order amount is too high and the product is stuck in customs, the actual return shipping cost will be borne by the buyer.
Shipping and delivery conditions may vary depending on festive periods or force majeure conditions (e.g. COVID-19 epidemic and national import policies).

Q3. 付款方式?Payment method?

  • 海外訂單付款方式為信用卡線上刷卡一次付清(目前接受卡別VISA、 MasterCard、JCB)
  • Payment for overseas orders is made by credit card online in one payment (VISA, MasterCard, JCB are currently accepted).
  • iQueen主要販售商品為美妝及食品兩種類,商業發票之商品名稱如需異動或運費需另外列出者,請在訂單中備註。
  • iQueen mainly sells two types of products: beauty and food. If the product name of the commercial invoice needs to be changed or the shipping cost needs to be listed separately, please make a note in the order form.

Q4. 海外運費計算?Overseas shipping cost calculation?

  • 海外訂單運費請點我 For overseas orders, please click
  • 馬來西亞運費請點我 For Malaysia shipping, please click
  • 澳門運費請點我 For shipping to Macau, please click
  • 商品皆以台幣計價,使用海外信用卡結帳時,交易手續費、匯率與退款手續費依發卡銀行規定。如有任何疑問,請聯繫您的信用卡發卡銀行。
  • All products are priced in Taiwan dollars. When you use an overseas credit card to settle your order, the transaction fee, exchange rate and refund fee will be determined by the issuing bank. If you have any questions, please contact your credit card issuing bank.
  • 海外交易因各國規定不同,各國進口關稅標準不同,若領取包裹時貴國欲收取商品之關稅,需由會員自行負擔。部分商品可能會有無法配送或清關等問題,建議您先確認商品是否可送達指定國家後再購買。
  • Overseas transactions are subject to different import duties and taxes in different countries, so if your country wishes to collect duties and taxes on the products when you pick up the package, the member will be responsible for the duties and taxes. Some products may not be delivered or cleared for customs, so we recommend you to check whether the products can be delivered to the specified country before purchasing.
  • 若包裹因各國法規產生關稅,而訂購人不願支付關稅以致包裹需退回時,退款金額將扣除實際產生之來回運費及兩地關稅後,再退回原訂單餘額。(來回運費=訂單運費x2,關稅為抽驗,各地區有所不同,建議請上各地區稅務單位查證)
  • If the parcel is returned due to customs duties and regulations of each country and the subscriber is unwilling to pay the customs duties, the refund amount will be deducted from the actual return shipping cost and customs duties of both places and then the balance of the original order will be returned. (Round-trip shipping = order shipping x2, customs duty is a random test, which differs from region to region, please check with the tax authorities in each region)

  • 新加坡關稅說明: 新加坡免稅額約台幣8300(約新幣400),超過以上需自付關稅,及行政手續費約台幣1320(約新幣60), 馬來西亞免稅額約台幣3300(馬幣500)超過以上金額需付擔關稅
  • Singapore customs duty: Singapore duty free amount is about TWD 8300 (about SGD 400), over the above amount you need to pay customs duty and administrative fee is about TWD 1320 (about SGD 60), Malaysia duty free amount is about TWD 3300 (RM 500) over the above amount you need to pay customs duty.

  • 馬來西亞運費說明: 依照派送區域3-5日,偏遠地區如東馬(郵編87000後)或其他較偏遠區域轉運時效會較慢,另因最近封城關係請預期時效多有延遲
  • Malaysia shipping cost: 3-5 days according to the delivery area, remote areas such as East Malaysia (after zip code 87000) or other remote areas will be slower, and due to the recent closure of the city, please expect a delay in delivery.

  • 五折後運費如下表:  After 50% discount, the shipping cost is as follows:

Q5. 所有商品都可以寄送至海外嗎?Can all products be shipped overseas?

  • iQueen網站中並非所有商品都可寄送至海外,無法銷售至海外的商品,放入購物車後亦無法選擇寄往海外地區,將需取消該商品之訂購才能完成結帳手續。
  • Not all items on the iQueen website can be shipped overseas. Items that cannot be sold overseas cannot be shipped to overseas locations after being placed on the shopping cart and will need to be cancelled in order to complete the checkout process.

  • 針對地區限制進口品項,請您訂購前應注意是否需取得特別認證或授權的問題,遵守收貨之地區的進口規範、稅率與限制,如:因各國海關規定不同,請您先行確認本網站之商品(Cosmetic/Enzyme)是否可寄達指定國家後再購買。
  • For example, since customs regulations vary from country to country, please check if the products (Cosmetic/Enzyme) on this website can be shipped to the specified country before purchasing.

Q8. 海外退貨說明Overseas Return Instructions

  • 因海外地區航空包裹運送費時,跨國退款及稅務作業繁瑣,故無法提供國外會員退換貨服務。 請您選購商品時,務必謹慎確認訂單內容顏色和尺寸,再進行結帳。若完成訂單,便表示會員同意本規定。
  • Due to the cost of air parcel delivery to overseas countries, the refund and taxation operations are complicated, so we cannot provide overseas members with return and exchange services. Please be sure to check the color and size of your order before checking out. By completing your order, you are agreeing to this policy.
  • 海外訂單一律經過嚴格質量控管,寄出包裹前會作二次品檢確認,避免會員收到瑕疵品,請您安心購物。如有商品問題,請洽客服會立即為您服務。
  • Overseas orders are subject to strict quality control, and a second quality check will be made before the package is sent out to prevent members from receiving defective products, so please feel free to shop. If you have any problems with your product, please contact our customer service immediately.
  • 若您因原地址有誤、聯絡電話有誤或聯絡人填寫不詳,以致包裹無法投遞成功,且3日內無法與您取得聯繫,包裹將以退回方式處理。該筆退回之訂單將取消出貨,並將扣除實際產生之來回運費&商品關稅&保管費用,再退回原訂單餘額。
  • If your original address is wrong, your contact number is wrong or your contact person is not filled in, so that the parcel cannot be delivered successfully and you cannot be contacted within 3 days, the parcel will be returned to us. The returned order will be cancelled and the actual return shipping & duty & storage charges will be deducted and the balance of the original order will be returned.
  • 海外訂單出貨後寄送失敗,該筆退回之訂單將扣除實際產生之來回運費&商品關稅&保管等費用,再退回原訂單餘額。
  • If an overseas order is shipped and fails to be delivered, the returned order will be refunded the balance of the original order, less the actual return shipping & duty & storage charges incurred.
  • 您收到退款的時間為:iQueen收到退回包裹起算,7個工作天內(不含例假日)為您完成退款退刷,請您留意下期帳單。
  • You will receive the refund within 7 working days (excluding holidays) from the time iQueen receives the returned package.

  • 請注意海外訂單只退商品金額,皆不退物流運送費用,請於下單前再次確認。
  • Please note that overseas orders are refunded only for the product amount, not the shipping cost.

會員好康Member Benefits

  • 更多會員專屬優惠好康請點我For more exclusive member benefits, please click

海外訂購流程Overseas order process